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Affiliate FAQs
1. How do I check my schedule?
2. How do I change my login or password?
3. How do I automatically receive my schedules via email?
4. I am having trouble with javascript errors?

1. Click "Game Information" on the side nav. This will bring up the list of games for today. You can view more than one day at a time by clicking on the "View Multiple Days" link.

2. As an affiliate association, you are given access by the association that gave you initial access. They are the only ones that can change this information.

3. Click "My Information" on the side nav. Make sure the field "Email" is filled in with the correct information. Click on "Edit My Information" if necessary. Your assigner will then have the option of emailing you your schedule.

4. Make sure you are using an up to date browser. Some older browsers are not supported by WebReferee. WebReferee has a built in check to see if you are using an older browser. If you see a note saying that you are using an older browser, then please upgrade to help ensure you are able to use WebReferee to its fullest extent. You can also check which browser version you are using by looking under the "Help" menu and then clicking on "About xxx" where xxx is the name of the browser you are using. Here is a brief listing of some of the browsers that WebReferee supports : Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape 7.0+, Mozilla Firefox 0.8+ or Mozilla 1.7+.